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:: Domestic Worker Toolkit
If you have a domestic employee and s/he works more than 24 hours a month for you, s/he has rights and you must apply everything in this toolkit.

Make sure you do it all by the book to avoid going to the CCMA. Don’t be fooled, domestic workers are the third highest referring group to the CCMA. So ensure you follow fair labour practices by using this toolkit!

Warning: If you use an employment service company rather than your own domestic worker, you will be jointly and individually liable if the services company does not comply with the provisions of the Act. Make sure the services company is reputable when using them.

The domestic employment toolkit will help you with the following:

· When hiring a domestic employee, what should you include in your contract?
· What you should include on your domestic workers payment slip every month?
· What can you deduct from domestic workers’ wages?
· Avoid a R5 000 fine and pay UIF
· What do you do if you provide accommodation and then terminate the employment contract?
· How to discipline and/or terminate the employment contract – step by step.

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All your documents, policies and contracts, 100% legally correct, 100% of the time.
57 documents, forms, contracts and policies.

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