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I offer an on-site and in house legal counsel service to businesses on an independent contractor basis. My prime resource of skill, knowledge, experience and specialisation in labour law can be brought into your team. Not only will you find the answer to any labour question you might have, but you will allow me to empower you with the right documents, policies, contracts and forms which are legally correct and applicable to your industry and business.

The positive ripple effect of my service on your business will be incredible:

:: You’ll find you finally have the time to deal with the more significant business issues;

:: Your company’s labour law compliance will improve significantly. You’ll have fewer CCMA and labour relations fires to fight.

There seems to be a great deal of mystery (or misery...) to labour law. The frequent and recurring pattern of unfair dismissals and unfair labour practice referrals at the CCMA attest to the fact that somewhere and somehow, these labour rules are not applied correctly.

Interpretation and Application of legislative rules in the workplace is no simple matter and the fact is that most employers are not aware of what they are required to do. Other important issues for consideration include the interaction between employment contracts and legislation and also staying at the forefront of recent court decisions.

As Workplace rules have become largely legislative – currently the Labour Relations Act, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Employment Equity Act and the Constitution are important pieces of legislation focusing on promotion of job security, protection against unfair dismissals and unfair labour practices and setting of minimum standards.

The reality is ...
You need someone who can apply and interpret all these aspects to your current work environment. And the truth is that labour law isn’t easy. It changes all the time and it’s too easy to get things wrong. Page 9 of the CCMA’s annual report, revealed that 59% of the time, the employer WILL lose at the CCMA.

AS a small boutique counsel practice, I can offer high standard, independent counsel and assistance at billing rates significantly lower than big firm counterparts. I know you’ll find my help invaluable. – book your consultation now.
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